Takaisin Aittamailman etusivulle

Mehdi Ikni started his professional career in France. With his wife Sinikka, he has established several different restaurants all over Scandinavia during the years. The family business grew as their three sons, also professionals of restaurant business, joined their company.

The current Aittamaailma complex is the family’s present, most central company group, although they continue their restaurant business also in Puerto Banus, for example. Great food, a location close to the see and similar service concepts are some of the combining factors between the restaurants in Oulu and Spain.

The Oulu Market Square is one of the most central places in the city for both the locals and the tourists, and it also houses the restaurants of the Ikni family. Because the family is international and has a bold professional approach, the flavors, too, follow these trends. Scandinavian freshness combined with new spices and flavors from around the world make these restaurants unique.

Welcome to enjoy the restaurant created by the Ikni family, right in the heart of Oulu!

Sinikka Ikni
Aktiivinen ravintola-alan yrittäjä
Oulusta Marbellaan

Samir Ikni
Aittamaailman ravintoloiden

Mehdi Ikni

Gharib Ikni

 Omar Ikni